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Ms.   Vixen's   Biography

Yes, this is me folks.

I am 26 years old, I have (mostly) blonde hair, and blue eyes.

I live in Kansas.

I graduated from Derby High School in 1994, where I was in drama and a member of a group of goofy drama friends.

I like sci-fi, no surprise!

I was attending Wichita State University as a Theatre Major.

I am a _hopeful_ romantic! Iíve been married to a wonderful man for just over two years. Sorry guys. Yes, I have been flirted with over the internet on more than one occasion, y'all.

I also like to write, another no surprise comment!

My Neat List of Links

The Sci-Fi Cahnnel's Dominion BBoard

A place to discuss with other sci-fi fans on a wide range of topics

Cirrus Nebula

Cirrus Nebula's webpage with a connection to their chatroom


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