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Music   For   Star   Trek   Fanfic   And   Episodes

The title pretty much sums it up. This will be a page with music that reminds me, and probably you too, of different stories, episodes, and characters.

Music In .WAV And .MIDI Format

Update In Progress!

Click on the spinning CD's for the songs

Romantic Theme Number 1 - from the CD Midnight Moods (screwed up the file, sorry)

Book Of Days - from Far And Away Sndtrk (if you know the lyrics it makes sense for VOY)

Sun And Moon - from the musical Miss Saigon (I think the title is perfect for J/C)

Love Led Us Here - from The Muppets' Treasure Island (I'll post the lyirics so it makes sense)

The Woman In Me (Needs The Man In You) - Shania Twain (I'll post the lyrics)

There are alot of others that make me think of J/C, but I have to find midi's for them

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