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Trek Story Links

The Official J/C Story Index 
Fanfic stories definitely slanted to the J/C angle 
The alt.startrek.creative Archive 
The a.s.c. newsgroup story archive 
Your Cruise Director's story Archive 
Features fanfic stories written by YCD 
Lilith Sedai's Fanfic Page 
Features fanfic stories written by Lynn McKinney 
Trojan1's Rounder Page 
My best friend's page dealing with the rounders, it explains what it is as well as how to read them. BTW I also write in part of them. 
Trek Bytes Homepage
This is the homepage for the Trek Bytes story e-mailing list. It has an archive of stories and authors including me. 
Stories    and    Romance    from    Star    Trek!
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In The Works (you can read what I have so far)
Night Visitors
Babies (for lack of a better title)
The Hunter And The Hunted
To Fall Into Darkness (due to it's grpahic nature I'm doing a rewrite, I had one friend refuse to read it another reffered to it as the sickest, most sadistic thing he'd heard) o-h w-e-l-l
Teepee (my secret project and best kept secret)
For The Sake Of A Child
The Virus
Year of Hell, Part Two (my version)
Gentaupi (gin top ee)-pronounciation
On The Shore
Passages In time
Fire And Ice
Thermal Conduction
Please Check Out My Stories
Play Time (VOY J/C) by Ms.Vixen (me)
Basics - A Vignette (VOY J/C) 
By Katie C. (my friend)

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