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The Trek It Bookstore

Welcome to the Trek It Bookstore in association with one of the biggest and most well known on-line book and music stores. He re you will find listed books that I recomend wich you can purchase through

Order by clicking on the images or titles. You will be sent to the appropriate area at Also, if there are books you are interested in and you don't see here remeber to look around the Amazon site which is linked here and on the main Trek It page or e-mail me and I will try to find out if they have it.

.The Klingon Dictionary:English/Klingon Klingon/English

Ever wanted to learn Klingon or at least understand some of the phrases you hear on Star TrekTM? Here's your chance. I have this one and recomend it. A good addition to it is the Conversational Klingon audio book linked below.

.Conversational Klingon: Audiobook

This is the audiobook form of the Klingon Language Dictionary. It is an excellent companion for it and helps with some of the pronounciations. I also have this audiobook and recomend it.