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Basics - A Vignette

                         Basics -- A Vignette
                         By Katie C.

Please don't archive without my permission or change in any way.  Feel free to distribute
in electronic form.  Everything here belongs to Paramount.  

This story started as a dream the week after "Basics part 1" aired.  I guess my
subconscious couldn't leave it alone all summer.  And you all know how it ended.  


J/C Forever

This story begins about two hours after the close of "Basics, part 1."

"Captain's Personal Log:  Stardate 49860.1: 
	It's been almost two hours since our arch enemy Cullah stranded us on this barren 
planet with nothing but our own survival skills.  It feels like a century.  I've divided the 
crew into teams to search for food, water, and shelter.  So far, this planet is a desolate 
wasteland.  The only sign of life we've seen was a single curious native.  I don't know 
how, but somehow we'll survive this hell, get our ship back, and rescue Chakotay's son.  
But right now our only hope of rescue is from our pilot, Lieutenant Tom Paris, who, we 
hope, escaped in a shuttle during the Kazon attack.  He's supposed to bring Talaxian 
reinforcements.  We can only hope that he did indeed escape."  

	Kathryn Janeway's keeping of her mental log was interrupted by the arrival of her 
Chief of Operations, Ensign Harry Kim.  She watched him climb the rocky hill to stand 
beside her.  
	Straightening to attention, he reported,  "Captain, we've found the perfect place to 
spend the night."
	Janeway turned from her contemplation of the barren landscape to face her young 
operations officer, "Good work, Mr. Kim.  Where?"
	"It's about a kilometer and a half south of here.  There are lots of trees, and a 
natural spring, and it's located right next to a cliff."
	"A spring?  That's wonderful." 
	Then Janeway turned as her Native American First Officer noted, "It's getting 
dark, Captain, we should hurry."
	"Agreed, Commander Chakotay."  Janeway turned and briskly started for the pre-
arranged meeting place.

	Arriving at the site, Kim's team had located, Janeway looked around,  "This is 
excellent, Harry.  Keep up the good work.  Commander Chakotay, send runners to 
contact Neelix and Tuvok's groups to tell them we've found a place."  Without waiting for 
acknowledgment, she turned and walked toward the rest of her crew.  

	Darkness fell slowly over the camp site.  All the crew was accounted for except 
for Lieutenant Paris, Ensign Suder and of course, the Doctor.  Kes had come to her earlier 
to express her concern for the Doctor's safety.  Janeway reminded her that as a hologram 
he could deactivate himself and the Kazon could not harm him.  The young Ocampan girl 
seemed satisfied with the answer.  But Janeway's concern was with Ensign Suder, the 
former officer she had confined to quarters for the murder of a fellow crewmember.  
What had happened to him?  Had the Kazon killed him?  She didn't know.  She could 
only hope that if he was alive, he could somehow help the Doctor regain control of the 

	Making her rounds of the campsite, she noticed Kim walking toward her, concern 
plainly written on his young face.  "Mr. Kim, is there something I can do for you?"
	"Actually, Captain, I came because I was concerned about you." 
	"About me?" she asked surprised.
	"I know it's not my place to question your actions, but I've seen you working with 
the crew for the past five hours now.  I was just wondering if you were going to get some 
	"It's very kind of you to worry, Harry, but I'll be fine."
	"If you say so, Captain.  Excuse me, I am going to get some rest now.  I'll see you 
in the morning."
	She nodded and continued her rounds.  

	"Captain?"  Chakotay carefully stepped around sleeping crewmembers to 
Janeway's side.
	She looked up at him from the rock she was sitting on a bit away from the rest of 
the crew, "What is it, Commander?"
	"Captain, it's late.  You should try to get some sleep."
	She almost laughed, but stopped herself.  "What is this, a conspiracy?"  At 
Chakotay's confused expression, she added, "Mr. Kim and Ms. Torres just asked me the 
same thing within less than half an hour of each other."
	He smiled at her, "Actually, Captain, the thought just occurred to me.  But 
conspiracy or not, it's true all the same."
	"I'll be fine, Commander."  She turned from him to stare out into the darkness.
	He knelt down beside her,  "With all due respect, even a Captain needs sleep.  A 
tired Captain can't respond properly to the needs of her crew."
	She turned back to him.  "Truthfully, Chakotay, I can't sleep."  She let the 
bitterness she felt to creep into her voice.  "Knowing that Cullah has my ship...."  She 
turned away abruptly, hiding the tears she felt.
	"Permission to speak freely?"
	She nodded.
	"Captain, we should talk about this.  You can't keep it inside forever."
	She sighed, abruptly turning back to him.  Giving him a small smile, she replied, 
"You're right."  She hesitated.  "But not here."
	"All right.  Where do you want to go?"  He stood and offered his hand.  
	She took it and stood.   Looking around her, she lifted her hand from his and 
replied, "How about over there?"
	Chakotay nodded and started toward the large rock formation Janeway had 
	Janeway took one last look around at her sleeping crew, and noticed Tuvok
keeping watch on the other side.  Then with a nod, she turned, following Chakotay 
without another glance.   Thoughts tumbled through her head.  "Why don't you let him 
soothe away the fears.  He just wants to help you.  You know you want him to comfort 
you like he did on New Earth," part of her urged, while another part pleaded, "Chakotay, 
please, don't do this to me.  I can't accept what you're offering.  As much as I'd like to, I 
just can't.  Not now, not here."
	Reaching the rock formation, Chakotay checked for predators.  It was difficult to 
see away from the crew's campfires, but he soon satisfied himself that he was alone.  He 
turned at the sound of footsteps, and saw Janeway.  He noticed a tenseness in her that had 
not been there.  Chakotay indicated a long boulder that was big enough to seat two 
people, but not comfortably.
	Janeway shook her head and remained standing.  "What is it you wanted to speak 
to me about, Commander?"
	Chakotay pulled on his earlobe in frustration.  "Captain,...Kathryn," his voice
became soft and low.  "You've gone without a break ever since this started.  You must 
rest."  When he felt she would protest, he added, "None of this is your fault, yet you've 
taken this completely on your shoulders.  This whole mess is mostly my fault.  If I had 
obeyed your orders nine months ago, this situation could not have happened the way it
did.  Seska wouldn't have this power over me."
	"True," Janeway agreed, "But we both know, Seska could and would have done
anything to revenge herself on us, and Cullah still wanted our ship."  She shook her head. 
"We can't spend this time in recrimination.  What's done is done.  We just have to hope
Tom got through and is bringing help."
	"But until then, you need to get some rest," Chakotay countered, firmly.  "Here at
least sit down."
	Stubbornly, she shook her head, "Commander,..." she started.
	He cut her off, "It's Chakotay, remember?  What happened to Chakotay?"  
	She looked at him, distractedly.  "What?"
	"Ever since we came back from the planet, you've put up this wall between us.  I
can't reach you.  I don't even feel like I can talk to you.  You won't let me support you
professionally.  Especially now, when I know you need support.  Why have you taken this
whole mess on your own shoulders?  I'm here.  Let me shoulder some of the
	She studied him intently, suddenly realizing he was right, "Chakotay,'re
right, but it's my job the bear the responsibility." 
	"But you don't have to bear it alone," he gently reminded her, and indicated the
rock again.  "Here, sit and rest, or we can talk, but please sit."  
	Slowly, she nodded.  "All right, on one condition."
	"What would that be?"  
	"You have to rest, too.  You've been beating yourself up with this ever since 
Seska contacted us.  You need the rest as much or more than I do."
	He grinned, "Touché."
	Janeway reached up and started removing the pins from her hair.  "First order of
business is to get this," she indicated her hair, "out of my face."  Her hand hit a tangle and
she grimaced.  "I wish I had a brush."
	Chakotay sat beside her.  "Here let me..."  He ran his fingers through her hair. 
	They sat silently for a few minutes.  The only movement was Chakotay's hands
through her hair.  Janeway stared out into the darkness, trying to relax.
	"You have such beautiful hair.  I've meant to tell you ever since that night on New
Earth when you let me rub your shoulders," he commented.
	She turned to face him.  "Chakotay, I... don't know.  I need to be in command 
more than ever now.  Those feelings on New Earth...were appropriate there, but here
	"Kathryn, I'm not looking for anything from you right now.  I'm concerned that 
you rest.  Maybe that's a good reason not to bring those feelings back."  He smiled, but
suddenly became serious.  "Actually I'm too upset to think about anything 
	"Chakotay," Janeway touched his arm.  Then suddenly, she gripped it, pulling his
hand from her hair, and taking it between hers.  "You can't take complete responsibility for
this either.  Seska would have manipulated us with anything she could have.  And Cullah
would have eaten right out of her hand because it was a plan to get Voyager." 
	"I know.  But I still can't help thinking...If we had just resumed our course-"
	"And abandoned your son?"
	He sighed, "I don't know anymore.  It was easy to think he wasn't my
responsibility before...but think she's on our ship with my son..."
	"Chakotay, we'll get them both back.  I promise, we'll get them back."


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